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WIFI Weather Sensor Series -- WiFi Gateway with Indoor Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Sensor

GW1000 - WIFI Weather Sensor Series -- WiFi Gateway with Indoor Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Sensor

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This device is designed to access ecowitt sensor(s) data via the Internet or your local WLAN network. Sensors (sold separately) including the following: multi-channel temperature and humidity, rain, wind, soil moisture, PM2.5 and there will be more sensors available in the coming future, like water leakage sensor, lightning detector etc.


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  • Description


    ❥❥USB WIFI Gateway: Receives ecowitt sensor data from external sensors (sold separately): outdoor temperature and humidity, multi-channel (max 8) temperature and humidity, rain, wind, soil moisture(max 8), PM2.5(max 4) and so on; Allowing you to remote monitor weather data on our free WS View APP

    Live Data on APP: Makes all sensor data available to mobile application (WS View for iOS or Android) on your local network; Mobile application is also used for local viewing of sensor data, and to assist in configuration of services

    Graph & History Records on the Website: supported to upload all the sensors data to our free Ecowitt Weather server(ecowitt.net) to view all the data graph and download the history records on the website; it's recommended to add a shortcut of the website on the home screen of your phone for quick access

    Other Supported Weather Servers: Supports uploads outdoor sensor data to weather underground, weathercloud and WOW; enables you to view historical records from your WU station(outdoor temperature, humidity, wind, rain)

    3-In-1 Probe Sensor: Built-in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor (3FT/1M cabled probe attached to the gateway); Small size(0.47x1.38x2.44") and compact design              


    This Ecowitt GW1000 WiFi Gateway is designed to access ecowitt sensor(s) data via the Internet or your local WLAN network, and allows you to monitor the weather condition on our free WS View mobile application.
    Supports uploading to our free Ecowitt Weather server: ecowitt.net to remote monitoring all your sensor data and history graph(please add your device on the website after uploading).
    Supported sensors (sold separately): outdoor temperature & humidity(WH32), MAX 8 multi-channel temperature and humidity(WH31), rain(WH40), wind(WH68), MAX 8 soil moisture(WH51), MAX 4 PM2.5(WH41) and more sensors will be available soon: water leakage sensor, lightning detector etc.
    Note: The WIFI Weather Sensor series products are new and please update the latest firmware for better functioning. Any question, please just contact us first. Thank you.

    Button Function
    The black button is used for the following two modes:
    1. Wi-Fi Configure Mode: press and hold the button for 5s till the Wi-Fi status indicator LED is fast flashing and the gateway is ready for the Wi-Fi configuration operation.
    2.Reset Mode: Press and hold the button for 10s will reset the gateway and clear the history data.

    Power: DC 5V(USB connection); Size: 12x35x62mm
    Cable Length: 1M/3FT
    Wireless Range to external sensors: 300FT/100M(in open areas)
    Frequency: 915/868/433Mhz(please add a note for your prefered frequency)

    Temperature range: -10°C – 60°C (14°F - 140°F); resolution: 0.1°C, or 0.1°F; accuracy: ± 1°C
    Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%; resolution: 1%; accuracy: ± 5%
    Barometric pressure range: 300 – 1,100 hPa (8.85 – 32.5 inHg); accuracy: ± 5 hPa ; 0.1 hPa (0.01 inHg)

    Package List: 1x GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway + 1x Cable Clip


    1. The WS View app needs your location to configure weather services. When you are running the app for the first time, please enable the location access function for this application on your mobile device settings page.

    2.The gateway can also work with WH5360B Rain Gauge/WH0290 Air Quality Monitor/WH0291 Soil Moisture Monitor(should be at the same frequency)

    Shipping Information:

    Note: The list price is for Regular Mail shipping service(estimated delivery time: 3-5 weeks). For express mail shipping service, please send your address to us firstly for the final price. Thank you.

    We're not be responsible for any tax might be generated in your country or customs.

    We'll send you a tracking number for you to track the shipping status of your order within 3-4 weeks after you placed your order.

    Note: Your order will be delayed due to the Corona Virus.

    Any problem, please contact us at support@ecowitt.com / ecowittweather@outlook.com

    We'll reply your messages within 24 hours(48hours or more for weekends and holidays )

  • Manual & Software

    Please click the product image to check all the related downloads(manual/PC software/APP).

    2019/5/30 14:45:11
    GW1000 WiFi Configuration with PC Software
    Download Now

    GW1000 WiFi Configuration with PC Software

    2020/5/14 17:41:01
    GW1000 Manual
    Download Now

    GW1000 Manual

  • FAQs
    • Q: I receive a message in the WS View app saying configuration is complete and I am redirected to a blank device list and there is no data on the main page of the WS View app. Can you provide any advice?

      A: Try to create a guest network with no security and then connect to the secure network.

    • Q: GW1000 wifi configuration network requirement

      A: Please ensure that the Wi-Fi network is 2.4GHz and 802.11b/g/n bands before you start to connect gateway to the network.

    • Q: Can't see the full display on the WS View App

      A: Try to reduce the font size on your phone.

    • Q: Can't log in ecowitt.net on Chrome

      A: Try to close any plugin like cors on your browser.

         Try another browser.

    • Q: What is the input voltage and current for the GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway

      A: The input voltage is 5V and the max working current is 120mA

    • Q: WS View app crashes when selecting the device on the Device List

      A: If your device finally shows up in list but app crashes when you select it then go into your settings on device, choose applications, and clear data on the app.

          If the app abruptly closes at any point in your setup process, same advice.

    • Q: How to change my WiFi network, so that the devices can connect to a different network.

      A: If you want to connect to a different network, you'll need to configure the gateway again on your phone.

    • Q: How to change my user email address on ecowitt.net

      A: You'll need to create another account on the ecowitt weather server to change your user email address.

    • Q: WU Station offline

      Please try to change the "1" to "l"(the lower case for "L") in the Station Key.

      The lower case for "L" looks very similar to the number "1" on the weather underground website.

    • Q: The GW1000 unit will not stay connected to my local Wi-Fi for longer than a day

      A: Please whether the USB power supply for the gateway is strong enough (5V 1A or above)

         Try to move the gateway closer to your router.

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