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WIFI Weather Sensor Series -- Lightning Detection Sensor

WH57 - WIFI Weather Sensor Series -- Lightning Detection Sensor

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Ecowitt WH57 Lightning Detection Sensor . The data can be received by the GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway(sold separately) and can be viewed using the WS View mobile application (after Wi-Fi configuration on the gateway has been completed).

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    Lightning Detector

    ·Detects lightning bolts and storms within 25 miles (40 kilometers)

    ·Highor low sensor sensitivity selectable to meet different requirements.

    ·Long wireless range up to 330 feet (100 meters) in open areas

    ·Transmits readings every 79 seconds

    ·Easy installation includes hanging hole

    When paired with a GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway:

    ·Monitor number of strikes daily, and the time & distance of the last strike detected within a 25-mile radius of your location on the Live Data page of the WS View app (requires the gateway and your phone is using the same Wi-Fi network)

    ·Battery power level display on the WS View App

    When paired with a WeatherStation Console (HP2551/HP3500/HP3501):

    ·View lightning data in real-time on the Display

    ·Get alerted to lightning strikes with the flashing lightning icon

    When uploaded to Ecowitt Weather Server:

    ·View lightning data & history records & graph on the website

    ·Receive email alerts from the server

    ·Remote monitoring with smart phone, laptop, or computer by visiting the website

    Note: the firmware to support the lightning sensor for the HP3500/HP3501 console is still pending.


    Power: 2X1.5V AA batteries(not included)

    SensorSize: 123x42x14mm


    Wirelesstransmitting range: 100M(300feet)

    Lightningdetection range: 0 - 25 miles / 0 - 40km

    Sensorreporting interval: 79 seconds

    Workingtemperature: 0~50C(32~122F)

    Note: Once lightning strikes detected, the led light will flash once, and the ecowitt.netwill push email alerts at the same time.

    Package List:

    1X Lightning Detection Sensor

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    WH57 Manual
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    WH57 Manual

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