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TFT Color Display Wifi Weather Station with Graph Display

HP3500B - TFT Color Display Wifi Weather Station with Graph Display

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Ecowitt TFT Color Display Professional Weather Station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring and supports uploads to Wunderground/ WeatherCloud/WOW via Wifi connection. Designed to provide the weather data you need for home use, farming, construction site, golf yard and more.


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  • Description


    ❥❥Graph Display Weather Station: allows you to monitor your backyard weather conditions on a color display console and supports uploads to Wunderground/ WeatherCloud/WOW via Wifi connection

    ❥❥WiFi Capable: enables your station to publish its data wirelessly to Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW and view the current weather condition directly via our weather app WS View

    ❥❥7-in-1 Outdoor Sensor Array: includes wind vane, wind cups, UV / solar radiation sensor, thermo-hygrometer sensor, rain gauge, bubble level and solar collector; updates to your console every 16 second

    ❥❥Real-Time Weather Conditions: measures wind speed and direction, rainfall, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, feels like temperature, solar radiation and UV

    ❥❥PC Software: enables you to connect the display console to a Windows computer/laptop via USB cable(included), allowing you to remotely view and analysis your weather conditions through the internet  

    ❥❥Supports 8X WH31 Multi-channel Temperature and Humidity sensor / 1X WH41 PM2.5 Sensor / 1X WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor(Should be at the same RF Frequency and sold separately)  

    ❥❥Supports upload to our free weather server: and user customized website(needs to having the same protocol with wunderground or with console firmware V1.4.6 and wifi firmware V1.3.8 or above  

    ❥❥Supports uploading to customized website(needs to have the same protocol with weather underground or with WIFi firmware version V1.4.2 or above.

    Free IOS/Android weather App, view the current condition of your station on WU directly with our own App: WS VIEW
    Programmable Weather Alarms, sets high/low alarms for temperature,humidity, barometric pressure, wind, gust, dew point and feels like temperature
    Free PC software for remote monitor
    Solar powered outdoor sensor
    4.3" TFT screen console with adjustable backlight
    Graph display of 12h/24h/48/72h
    In/outdoor temperature and humidity
    Display rain rate, rainfall data(inches/mm) daily , monthly, yearly. Wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort; Wind direction with 360 degree
    Wind chill, dew point and fells like temperature display(°C/°F).
    MAX, MIN values with a time stamp.
    Light and UV index(0-15)
    Barometric pressure(inHg or hPa)
    Time and date, Time zone setting and alarm clock Weather high/low alarm modes: temperature, humidity, wind chill, dew point, wind speed, air pressure, fells like temperature.

    Power consumption
    Base station : 5V DC adaptor (included)
    Indoor sensor : 2X AA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline batteries (not included)
    Outdoor sensor : 2X AA batteries (not included)
    Package Content
    1X Weather Station Set + 1X Manual    

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  • Manual & Software

    Please click the product image to check all the related downloads(manual/PC software/APP).

    2020/5/9 18:38:53
    Firmware update for HP3501/HP3500B - V1.6.2
    Download Now

    Firmware update for HP3501/HP3500B - V1.6.2


    1. Supports to the following sensors:

      One WH57 lightning sensor

      Up to 8 WH31 multi-channel temperature and humidity sensors

      Up to 8 WH51 soil moisture sensors

      Up to 4 WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensor

      Up to 4 WH55 Water leak sensors (pending)

    2. Supports to display battery power / signal reception status / re-register or disable sensor reporting on the Sensor Management screen.

    3. Add single graph display function for WH31/WH41/WH51 sensors.

    4. Add calibration function for WH31/WH41/WH51 sensors.

    For the detailed operation instructions, please read the latest HP3501 manual on our website!

    Note: To avoid unexpected issues, please take a photo of all your configuration/units settings/upload settings and backup the important data before the updating.

    Steps for updating the software:

    1. Take out your microSD card(max 32G).

    2. Drag the user.bin or firmware.bin under the root directory of your microSD card.

    3. Insert the card into the console -  power off the console - power on the console - update the program.

    If you could not download the file, please contact us at

    2020/5/9 18:29:05
    HP3500B Manual
    Download Now

    HP3500B Manual Updated

    2018/12/12 16:01:44
    PC Software for HP3500B
    Download Now
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