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Wi-Fi Weather Station Gateway with Solar Powered 7-in-1 Outdoor Sensor Array

GW1001 - Wi-Fi Weather Station Gateway with Solar Powered 7-in-1 Outdoor Sensor Array

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GW1001 WIFI Weather Station: allows you to monitor your home and backyard weather conditions on your phone(iOS&Android) via our free WS View app(within your home network) and Ecoiwtt weather server(remote monitoring); supports to add max 8 WH31 multi-channel temp and humidity sensor / 8 WH51 soil moisture sensor / 4 WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensor(with gateway firmware V1.4.6 or above)


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    ❥❥USB Wi-Fi Gateway
    Built-in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors (cabled probe attached to unit).
    Receives sensor data from the included sensor package, if installed and configured.
    Makes all sensor data available to mobile application (WS View for iOS or Android) on your local network.
    Mobile application is also used for local viewing of sensor data, and to assist in configuration of services.
    Pushes sensor data to Internet based weather services.
    Supports uploading all the sensors data to ecowitt weather server:
    Other supported weather services for uploading:, Weathercloud, and WOW. Only sensor data supported by each specific service will be uploaded.
    View historical records from your WU station (outdoor temperature, humidity, wind, rain).
    View all the sensor current and history records, graph on Ecowitt Weather server. History records can also be exported from the server.
    The gateway is powered by USB connection.
    Supports up to 8 WH31 multi-channel temperature and humidity sensor(optional)
    Supports up to 8 WH51 soil moisture sensor(optional) and up to 4 WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensor(optional)

    ❥❥Outdoor Sensor Package
    Outdoor temperature and humidity
    Wind speed, gust speed, and wind direction
    Rainfall rate and totals for day, week, month, and year
    Calculated wind chill, dew point and heat index display on the WS View App
    Solar light intensity and UV index
    Package List: 1x Weather Station Set              

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    GW1001 Manual
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    GW1001 Manual

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