Spot-On Accuracy and Easy to Set Up and Monitor - WH2320E Review

Spot-On Accuracy and Easy to Set Up and Monitor - WH2320E Review

In the past ten years, I have owned multiple weather stations with the last two being an AcuRite 5-in-1 and an oregon Scientific WMR100N with the AcuRite being the latest. My AcuRite station has several issues including their new Access’s repeated failures, poor sunny day
temperature and rain accuracy, and lack of customer support. As a result, I started looking for a
new weather station. I settled on the Ecowitt WH2320E. I liked the more compact design
compared to the trio of sensors found on the Ambient unit.

I would consider myself a weather enthusiast and have come to depend on my personal weather
station for maintaining my property. I have a lot of recently planted landscaping so I like to
monitor the rainfall and also find it handy to monitor the rain for my gardens. I live in a rural
area that is surround by open, flat farmland so wind/wind chill is also sometimes an issue.

Set-Up: I would rate this as very easy. The unit comes mostly assembled and only it only takes a
couple of minutes to put the last few pieces on and install the batteries. One thing I like about
this unit is that the batteries are easily accessible. They are also sealed well so I would suspect
that bugs will not be an issue down the road. I also like the fact you can use a two-inch mounting
pole. I feel this is helpful in my windy area. To level the unit for rain measurement, you do need
to use the bubble that is on top of the unit. I had to use a ladder to read it correctly.
To set up the unit for remote monitoring, you use their mobile WS View app (I used the iOS
version). To start the process, the Ecowitt station creates its own Wi-Fi network. The illustrated
manual has the step-by-step procedure explained well.

The iOS app is also used to set up reporting to the Weather Underground, WeatherCloud, and
WOW. Again, the manual does a good job explaining the procedure to establish the respective
accounts. I am currently reporting to the Weather Underground and WeatherCloud. I would
estimate it took me between five to ten minutes to establish both accounts and to finish setting up
the weather station on the app.

Ecowitt provides a comprehensive manual that is easy to follow (I also downloaded the PDF
version for future reference).

Accuracy: I would rate this Ecowitt unit’s accuracy as excellent. My Acurite’s poor accuracy
was an issue for me. On sunny days, the Acurite’s temperature would also be off quite a bit and
despite trying to make adjustments, the rain totals were also always off. Since I report to Weather
Underground, it is important to me be as accurate as possible. I live within ten miles of an
airport’s weather station so I do have something to compare my results too.

During some very hot and sunny days, the Ecowitt’s temperature reporting seemed to be
excellent. It also has withstood several storms (including a tornado warning) and I am pleased
with the rainfall reporting. This is my first unit that has UV/solar radiation reports so I do not
have anything to compare this unit too. However, it is handy to have the UV Index report.

Monitoring: I mainly use various iOS apps to monitor the station and not the console. The
console is backlit but you can turn it off (as I have done). They pack a lot of information on the
console so you have to study it to find what you want to know. I would think if you used it daily,
it would be easier to read. Since I do not use the console, I feel I cannot rate it. The console does
not have a USB port as it connects wirelessly to a 2.4 GHz network. This means you are not
tethered to a PC by a USB if you wish to use their Windows software. You can place the console
anywhere that is within the range of the weather station and your Wi-Fi network.

For most of my monitoring, I use either the iOS Weather Underground app or the free PWS
Monitor app. I have to say that the WunderStation app for the iPad is perfect for monitoring this
station. I also use WeatherCloud via a browser and am hopeful they will launch an iOS app soon.
I have a Macintosh and currently, there is not a compatible software client for the Ecowitt (but
what is new there?).

Quick Summary: So far, the Ecowitt unit has been very dependable and accurate. It has not
missed a beat through some extreme weather and I feel it has provided me with the information I
want out of a weather station. I would purchase it again. If they expand their product offerings, I
would gladly give them a try as well.

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