Calibration of barometric pressure settings

Calibration of barometric pressure requires some additional understanding, which we will provide here. Also provided is a step by step procedure for calibrating correctly.

Absolute barometric pressure, can be calibrated at manufacturing time by comparing with a precise instrument that measures pressure at the same location. In practice, sometimes small adjustments of a few hPa may be needed. The relative pressure represents what the air pressure would indicate if your station was at sea level and depends on the altitude of your console and cannot be known in advance. This is why it needs an adjustment.

NEW DESIGN - Detachable Metal Bird Spikes for Rain Collector

Hello, our engineers recently have designed a Detachable Metal Bird Spikes to discourage birds from landing on the rain collector.
It's composed of 1 self locking stainless steel zip tie + several PTU cover +  several metal spikes.
What do you think of this design?

Please send us your opinios to help us improve the design.:)

Spot-On Accuracy and Easy to Set Up and Monitor - WH2320E Review

In the past ten years, I have owned multiple weather stations with the last two being an AcuRite 5-in-1 and an oregon Scientific WMR100N with the AcuRite being the latest. My AcuRite station has several issues including their new Access’s repeated failures, poor sunny day
temperature and rain accuracy, and lack of customer support. As a result, I started looking for a
new weather station. I settled on the Ecowitt WH2320E. I liked the more compact design
compared to the trio of sensors found on the Ambient unit.

How to DIY a High Precision Rain Gauge with Teflon Coating to Collect Small Raindrops

This video shows a rain bucket with teflon coating can collect very small raindrops.

It can also reduce the snow build up issue on the rain gauge, wind speed cups of your weather station in the winter.

WH69E 7-In-1 Outdoor Sensor Installation

This WH69E outdoor sensor array operates wirelessly and contains a wind vane(measures wind direction), wind speed cup, UV / solar radiation sensor, thermo-hygrometer sensor(built inside the radiation shield), rain gauge, bubble level and solar collector.  

Humidity - Something You Need to Know in Wet May

What is humidity?

What's the difference between absolute and relative humidity?

Why We Catch Colds When the Weather Changes

If you're feeling under the weather, you're not alone.