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Wireless Weather Station with Multi-Channel Temperature Sensor

WH0310 - Wireless Weather Station with Multi-Channel Temperature Sensor

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ECOWITT WH0310 Wireless Weather Station is designed to help you monitor the real time weather condition both indoor and outdoor And get temperature data on different locations with remote sensors.


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  • Description

    1.Measures indoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and can accept max 3 multi channel temperature sensor(one is included)
    2.Temperature C/F selectable; ABS/REL barometric pressure display selectable
    3.Weather forcast; pressure tendency indicator; 24H/7days history pressure graph
    4.Last 24H and history high/low records for outdoor/multi channeltemperature sensor(s)

    Transmission range: 300ft /100m(no interference, barriers or walls)
    Frequency: 433 MHz
    Update Rate: 60 seconds
    Indoor temperature range: 32°F ~122°F (0°C to 50°C)
    Outdoor temperature range: -40°F ~140°F ( -40 °C to 60°C)
    Accuracy: ±1°F (±1°C)
    Indoor humidity range: 10% to 99%.
    Accuracy +/- 5% RH
    Power consumption:
    Base station: 1x AA battery(Not included)
    Remote sensor: 1 x AA battery(Not included)

    Note:This device only has indoor humidity function, NO outdoor humidity function.

    Package List:
    1x base station + 1x remote sensor + 1x user manual              

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  • Manual & Software

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    WH0310 Manual
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    WH0310 Manual

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