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High Precision Digital Rain Gauge with History Records

WH5360B - High Precision Digital Rain Gauge with History Records

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ECOWITT Wireless Rain Gauge provides accurate, reliable rain measurements of environmental conditions in your back yard/garden/farm.


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  • Description


    ❥❥Wireless Rain Gauge: measures rain precipitation with 0.1mm/0.01inch resolution, indoor temperature and humidity with precision and accuracy. Allowing you to monitor the rain condition in your backyard/garden/farm/land crop with 300FT/100M wireless transmission range.

    ❥❥Professional Rainfall Data: displays rain rate, rain event, rainfall total of 1h/24h, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly record; 24 monthly rain history and the 730 days have rain rainfall records ; Rain grade graph display

    ❥❥Programmable Rain Alarm: customizable alerts for rain rate, rain event, indoor temperature and humidity to warn when flood conditions may be present or when to turn off the sprinklers.

    ❥❥Monitor Room Comfort: Measures indoor temperature and humidity with history high and low records plus timestamp; calendar(time, week, date) and alarm clock function.

    ❥❥Self-emptying Rain Collector: The wireless funnel-shaped rain collector is self-emptying and easy to install; wall-mountable display base station with built-in table stand and back light.      

    ❥❥Works with GW1000 WiFi Gateway(sold separately) and supports upload to ecowitt.net to view the live data/graph/download history records on the website.

    ✧✧Useful Helper for Yard/Lawn/Garden:
    A digital rain gauge is a useful weather tool that tells you how much rain has fallen right in your own back yard.
    Personal precipitation information is useful for making decisions about the amount of watering your lawn, garden or landscape requires.
    ✧✧Essential Tool for Farming/Land/Crops:
    Our professional rain gauge provides exact rainfall data in your specific area that will help you better forecast your yield and harvest time.
    With exact data and useful knowledge, you become better equipped to make intelligent decisions about your land and crops.
    You’ll know when to plant and evaluate if a particular area is ideal for planting a certain type of plant.
    ✧✧Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor
    View indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. Includes current temperature and humidity.
    Tracks all-time high and low records for indoor temperature and humidity with timestamp.

    Rainfall measuring range: 0~6000mm; Accuracy: ±5%; Resolution: 0.1mm/0.01inch
    Indoor temperature range: -9.9°C. to 60°C; Accuracy ± 1°F/±0.5°C.
    Indoor humidity measure range: 10% to 99%.
    Accuracy +/- 3% RH (@25°C. , 30%RH to 80%RH).
    Accuracy +/- 5% RH (@25°C. , 1%RH to29%RH;80%RH to 99%RH).
    Power consumption:
    Base station: 3X AA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline battery (not included)
    Remote sensor: 1X AA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline battery (not included)
    Dimension: Receiver: 119X172X31mm; Sensor:187.7X183.4X159mm
    Package Content:
    1X Base Station + 1X Rain Collector + 1X Manual            

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  • Manual & Software

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    WH5360 Manual
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    WH5360 Manual

  • FAQs
    • Q: Rain Gauge Accuracy Cross Check

      To tell if the rain gauge is accurate or not, it is not correct to compare to a rain meter nearby around.

      Because it is not necessary having a same rain intensity, even they are not far from each other. To judge if your rain meter is correct or not, you may do the following:

      1. Use a narrowed neck bottle that can sit under the rain gauge water outlet holes.

      Collect the water during a rain event and measure its weight. E.g.353 g.

      2. 353 g equals 353 ml, divided by rain collector size of 250 cm2, you get 353/250 = 1.412 cm =14.1 mm.

      3. Compare the rain readings from your console to your local rain event reading, or a reading from a calibrated manual gauge, to see if they are matching or not.

      4. Since there may be some water left in the tip bucket, and also some on the rain collector itself, the observed rain is normally slightly less than the actual rainfall, but his is normally within 5%.

      If the deviation is larger than this, then you can change rain calibration settings accordingly, or contact the customer service for replacement.

    • Q: How to install the rain gauge


      Here are two ways to install the rain gauge.

      Method one - Mounting with U-bolts

      The mounting assembly includes two U-Bolts and a bracket that tightens around a 1-2" diameter pole using the four U-Bolt and nuts. The package

      includes a D32/H200 (diameter 32mm = 1.26”, length 200mm = 7.87”) stainless steel tube for this purpose. You can attach the tube to your fence or other places.

      Method two - Mounting with screws

      The mounting assembly also includes two screws for installation on a flat surface.

      Note: It's remomended to install the rain gauge sensor at least 1M/3FT away from the ground to avoid the impact of ground moisture on the device.

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