HP3501/HP3500 Weather Station Display Console - Accessory Only

HP3501/3500_C - HP3501/HP3500 Weather Station Display Console - Accessory Only

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HP3501/HP3500 Weather Station Display Console - Accessory Only

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    4.3" TFT full colour display

    Can be the display console for WH32(Outdoor temp and humidity sensor) + WS68(wireless anemometer) + WH40(self-emptying rain gauge sensor)

    Selectable display units: C or F (temperature); mph, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort (wind speed); inHg, hPa or mmHg (pressure); in or mm (rainfall); and more
    Weather data history graph (12, 24, 48, or 72 hr.)
    Max and min values for sensor with time stamp
    High/low alarm options for sensors
    Historical data preserved during power outage on optional SD card
    PC software (USB connection)

    ❥Supported weather services for uploading: WU, Weathercloud, and WOW

    ❥Supports upload to our free weather server: ecowitt.net and user customized website(needs to having the same protocol with wunderground or ecowitt.net) with console firmware V1.4.6 and wifi firmware V1.3.8 or above    

    ❥Works with optional WH31 multi-channel thermo-hygro sensor, WH41 PM2.5 sensor and WH51 soil moisture sensor(all not included).

    ❥Supports uploading to customized website(needs to have the same protocol with weather underground or ecowitt.net) with WIFi firmware version V1.4.2 or above.

    Package Content: 1X HP3501/HP3500 Weather Station Display Console - Accessory Only

    Note: Please let us know whether you need the indoor temp/humidity/pressure 3-in-1 sensor.

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