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  • Q: Can't connect the GW1000 gateway to my local network when doing the wifi configuration.

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    A: The WS View app needs your location to configure weather services. When you are running the app for the first time, please enable the location access function for this application on your mobile device settings page.

  • Q: About WH6006E, is there a data plan that has to be put in place? If so with what company cannot be placed with? How do you acquire wonder ground’s protocol? How this weather station works and how you get the information via cellular data?

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    1.A data plan has to be put in place: you need to buy a plan with SIM card to be installed on the machine. The data plane need to be with 3G.

    2.WU data upload protocol is built inside the machine, and as long as you have your WU ID and passkey entered correctly, the system will push data to WU server. As to detailed data upload protocol, you may find at:http://wiki.wunderground.com/index.php/PWS_-_Upload_Protocol

    3.You may find more info about the system by looking at the manual:http://www.ecowitt.com/upfile/201807/WH6006E%20Manual%20Update%20Version%2020180709.pdf

  • Q: Can I use this WH0280 in my hatchery cellar?

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    A: Yes, you can use this indoor outdoor thermometer with indoor humidity in your hatchery cellar to monitor the temperature and humidity. :)

  • Q: Is it possible to calibrate the outdoor sensor? It is typically reading about 10 degrees higher than actual.

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    A: Please make sure the outdoor sensor is mounted in a shaded area on the north facing wall. Direct sunlight and radiant heat sources will result in inaccurate temperature readings.